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  • Clojure

    Clojure Notes - An aimless dump of anything and everything interesting I find and manage to record.

  • Useful Clojure Asides - Logging and Exceptions

    Logging and exception handling are such core requirements in any application which are rarely, if ever, discussed. At least in the initial phases of any application. But as any developer would vouch (when asked, not voluntarily, I think), logging right is a very crucial aspect of any application. Not only does it help you understand the (then-) current state of the application, they also help folks trace causes of various problems when done right.

  • Interesting Java in clojure.core

    The Clojure language primarily targets the Java Virtual Machine, and so obviously, we have a topic.

    • Quick array creation from some items

    // clojure.lang.Intrinsics
    private static Object[] oa(Object... arr) { return arr; }

  • Developing Chrome Extensions using Clojurescript

    TL;DR - Of course, you can use Clojurescript to develop Chrome Extensions. So, that's not the topic of this post. I've only documented how you'd set up your project, using the latest versions (as of this post's publishing) of piggieback and weasel. Why Weasel? Because, as its author explains A WebSocket transport is simple and avoids some of the thornier bugs caused by the CrossPageChannel transport, which is used in the standard ClojureScript browser REPL and Austin.

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