Welcome to the All New M'Sync Blog

Matters of the mind matter. As time flies, or crawls, or stops, and as water flows (or doesn’t) under some zillion bridges, I (d)evolve until I don’t. But being the megalomaniac that I am, the world needs to know how I have been living, thinking, existing, and degenerating. So, in this randomly chosen (lucky) year, I’ve decided to blog again. A few unlucky years passed by, but we’ll let that pass.

Now that I’m done with my disclaimer, I’d like you to explore this site. I promise a wonderful journey, with harmless surprises at every link. You will be able to learn a lot, and build character. ASCII character, or if your are ambitious enough, UNICODE. UTF-8, but no UTF-16 or any other. I digress.

Please don’t judge me. Because every new sentence, every new post you will read here will make you overturn your previous judgments. Brilliant to most, ordinary to some jealous, and unintelligible to the hoi polloi, the countless neural firings funnel some action commands to my fingers to populate this site and make most of you sit up and take notice. So, follow along. As I say hello world again.

(println (apply str (reduce #(concat % %2) "Hello, World!")))
; => Hello, World!

Now that we are done with the customs, let’s get down to business. I promise lesser of such pathetically funny attempts. Maybe, I'll talk about technology. Or about the processes related to software development practices. And the related politics and situations at workplaces.

I also exhibit interest in programming, human psychology, economics, text analytics, and building systems. So, as I attempt to document my journey, I expect you to expect that the probability of posts on topics like clojure, clojurescript, ruby, jruby, java, machine learning, agile mumbo jumbo, scala et cetera to be non-zero.

Welcome again. As you wait with bated breath for your programs to compile, or the ping-pong table to be available as your humongous test suite runs, and are reading this as there’s nothing better to do, may I suggest you keep refreshing the main page? The next article might soon be up!

puts "See ya soon!"