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1 Bring in the Kids

Imagine your parents. And if you are already a parent, we're doing better. :) Put yourself in their place.

  • Kid wins a competition. Pride.
  • Kid stands first in class in something. Pride.
  • Kid learns to play music. Pride.
  • Kid makes a silly mistake? Ummm, he'll learn.
  • Kid makes a big mistake. Errm, I need to take corrective action. My responsibility. (And some embarrassment)

Kid turns out to be a dacoit! - Oh, well. NOT MY KID!

But if kid turns out to be Vishwanathan Anand, Satya Nadella, Rajnikanth, or Azim Premji - PRIDE!

2 The Good, Obedient Kids

  • They do exactly as you want
  • They will never revolt
  • They will never cause embarrasment in unexpected situations
  • They always clean up after themselves
  • They appear to be intelligent - they allow you to show off your genes!
  • They make you proud

3 And those who do not fall in line

  • Are an embarrasment
  • Land you in tricky situations
  • Make you work harder
  • You'd want to disown them - but you can't!
  • They are dirty and messy - and you spend most of your time cleaning up after them
  • However much you work on them to grow, the effort in cleaning up always overwhelms the new effort

4 Enter the Coach

  • Works with you
  • Helps you be self-aware
  • Connects you with tried and tested techniques at handling situations
  • Hopefully, is speaking from good experience!

5 School and exams

  • Good practices
  • Beautiful code - with a very different definition of beauty
  • Checks and balances (Tests, TDD)
  • Tools
  • Undoing bad behavior - Refactoring
  • Meta - Simplicity
  • Putting it all together, letting the kids take it on from there in the society (CI, CD)

6 What the (good) coach is NOT

  • Will not adopt your kid
  • Will not detain your child

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